REKAYASA MESIN PEMBUAT BUTIRAN TIWUL (Design and Manufacturing of Cassava Rice Aggregator)

Cassava have high potency so could increase diversification product from cassava. One of the product is cassava rice. Cassava rice industry have problem about the technology. Produce process still apply conventional technology although cassava rice has been commercial product. Aggregation process is important because influent quality and performance of cassava rice. This research conduct to design and manufacture cassava rice aggregator machine. Design and manufacture include the body machine, aggregator plane, aggregation control, transmission system and power source. Aggregation machine base on centrifugal force able to produce cassava rice aggregation. The best revolution of aggregator plane is 20 rpm. The machine capacity work is 18.75 kg/hour. Different of revolution aggregator plane (12, 20, 27 and 31) not affect to cassava rice.

Keywords: design and manufacturing, cassava rice, aggregator
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