RANCANG BANGUN TEKNOLOGI PRODUKSI TIWUL INSTAN DALAM MENDUKUNG KETAHANAN PANGAN NASIONAL (Design Of Instant Cassava Rice Production Technology To Support National Food Security Program)

PICT5173The recent phenomena about food and weakness agricultural research remember we that food crisis will come soon. Security food issue has been discussed long time ago but until now the problem haven’t solved. Even thus Indonesia is more dependent with import food. Indonesia import rice at 2004-2006 is 0,74 percent, soybean 60-65 percent, corn 10,9 percent, sugar 19,7 percent, milk 92,0 percent, meat 4,1 percent from Indonesia consume, and wheat between 3,5 and 5 billion tone per year. The facts show that food need still dependent on import food and there are facts also show food security still weak. The research purpose is to design instant cassava rice production technology to support national food security program. The design consist of cassava chopper, cassava dryer, hammer mill, granulator, instant cassava rice maker. The research conclusion is been designed cassava peel, cassava chopper, cassava dryer, hammer mill and granulator. The designed machines able function successful. The chopper machine able to chop cassava with thickness 2 – 5 mm, with actual production capacity is 206 kg/hour. The dryer hybrid capacity is 300 kg/hour and the granulator able to produce cassava rice granule from cassava flour with granule diameter size is 3 – 5 mm. The production capacity after redesign is 100 kg/hour.

Word keys: design, technology, cassava, cassava rice, food security.